A sophisticated game between the light and elegant structure and the reassuring appeal of the rollers, in precious materials, characterizes the innovative soul of the Byron project. Harmony of lines and formal rigor are expressed in a seating system with a strong sartorial personality.The clean and sophisticated aesthetic hides innovative and traditional materials that are expertly mixed for a result of great comfort. 

The inviting seat, the ergonomic cushions and the different depth options (92 and 102 cm) allow you to design a sofa suitable for any need for relaxation or hospitality. The combination of conventional arms or mobile rollers breaks the compositional scheme by creating a dynamic and highly design style: together with the bouquet of materials and textures in the collection, it gives life to improvements in creative combinations. 

Unusual combinations that, mitigated by the harmonious character of  Byron, always tell of a balanced and refined taste.The universe of accessories and complements that revolves around Byron is certainly not the compositional and expressive flexibility. The play of the overlapping tables and the material and chromatic references define a fascinating and personal style of space. The combination of technology and know-how creates unique and fascinating objects. The decisive and thin lines of the aluminum base run along Byron in dialogue with exclusive finishes of leathers and fabrics: the profile seams draw the precise volumes and tell great tailoring research.

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